SuperPOLYGON specializes in unforgettable immersive Virtual Reality interactive experiences & games. Virtual Reality is an experience where the user feels as if they are physically present in another environment. We specialize in building games, experiences and worlds in Virtual Reality where the user feels as if they are physically immersed to that world. Learn more about SuperPOLYGON and our virtual reality games & experiences by exploring this website.

What we do


The Oculus Rift, HTV VIVE, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR are next-generation virtual reality headsets designed for immersive gaming and narrative experiences. Its time to be part history by being one of the first to create virtual reality experiences for your users in the form of mind blowing interactive installations!


A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. What this means is you can engage your customers via mobile devices where interactive 3D experiences are projected on to images, artwork or products labels in the real world via your customers camera on their smart phones.


We make games with AAA gameplay, amazing interactive experiences and immersive worlds using the latest and greatest technology.


Progressively expedite visionary solutions vis-a-vis
pandemic niches.


CEO & Founder

Stephan Tanguay is an award winning interactive director located in Toronto Canada. Stephan has won awards such as an Applied Arts Interactive Media Award for a rich media banner for the Jeep Wrangler, several IAC Awardsfor work on the Estee Lauder website redesign in addition to severalWebby and Cannes nominations.

In recent years, Stephan has focused on applying video game design and technology to advertising, mobile apps, cross platform games and interactive installations working with large brands such as Jeep, Nike, Bank of America, Intel and Microsoft showing his ability at exceeding industry standards with incredible design and development skills.