As the Senior Game Systems Designer on Journey to Foundation, Stephan Tanguay was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing intricate gameplay mechanics, ensuring they align with the overall vision of the game. His duties involved collaborating closely with other team members to create engaging experiences that captivate players and enhance their immersion in the game world. Additionally, He oversaw the balancing of various game systems to maintain fairness and challenge, striving to deliver an exceptional gaming experience for the player audience. Stephan also lead the the UX and Interaction teams in the later part of the project. 


Journey to Foundation is a story-driven adventure where you play as Ward, an intergalactic agent with unique Mentalic powers who must go undercover on a mission that will determine the future of humanity. Will you stay loyal to a crumbling Empire, or forge a new future in the Foundation?


Faithfully and lovingly adapted from Isaac Asimov’s groundbreaking novels, and built from the ground up for virtual reality, Journey to Foundation is a gripping narrative adventure unlike anything else you can find in VR.


  • – Interact with over 90 fully-voiced characters brought to life by a top-tier voice cast including Jennifer Hale, François Chau, Jason Hightower, and more…
  • – Befriend or double-cross people, choose who lives and dies, and help different factions rise or fall in a branching story that reacts to your decisions
  • – Read minds, influence emotions, and destroy your enemies with your Mentalic powers


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