15 Feb

Journey To Foundation

As the Senior Game Systems Designer on Journey to Foundation, Stephan Tanguay was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing intricate gameplay mechanics, ensuring they align with the overall vision of the game. His duties involved collaborating closely with other team members to create engaging experiences that captivate players and enhance their immersion in the game...
30 Mar

Slugterra VR

Slugterra VR has been nominated by the Canadian Game Awards for best VR / AR game. This VR game made for the Hologate platform was near and dear to Stephan Tanguay’s heart as he was the lead the game design, level designer, technical lead and helped build a team make to make it all...
01 Feb

Scary Girl VR

Stephan Tanguay had the opportunity to contribute to ScaryGirl VR as game designer, developer and environment designer.   An epic large-scale free roam game from Dark Slope Studios is Scarygirl: Mission Maybee, a fully immersive 4-8 player, untethered free-roam VR game. The experience is 15 minutes in length and played in a 60’ x...
13 Apr

National Film Board – Book of Distance VR

Stephan Tanguay had the pleasure of working at the National Film Board of Canada with director Randall Okita to produce several rapid prototypes for the Book of Distance virtual reality interactive narrative. Stephan contributed to the design process, ux, interaction design, level design, lighting, vfx and was the lead developer / solution designer. He...
10 Jan

OSRAM CES Virtual Reality Experience

Immerse yourself in virtual reality to experience light in a whole new way! It was a pleasure working on this virtual reality based digital experience for OSRAM at this years CES on behalf of Globacore. Take part in a virtual reality (VR) adventure, click the video link, and experience a 3D installation that shows...
03 Aug

Campfire VR

Super Polgon founder Stephan Tanguay was honored to work as a lead virtual reality game developer on CampfireVR for Jam3. Campfire VR is fun silly casual game with intuitive motion based game play and a foul mouthed sense of humor.
25 Mar

Fists Of Fire VR

FISTS OF FIRE VR is like nothing you have ever experienced before with completely immersive VR based gameplay that uses position tracking cameras and the Leap Motion to track your hands and body positions allowing you physically move in VR to avoid attacks while making hand gestures to shoot fireballs back at your opponents!...
13 Jan

Lexus Virtual Reality Racing Game Environment

Super Polygon Founder & CEO Stephan Tanguay was lucky to work on this multiplayer virtual reality driving experience at Globacore for the Montreal and Toronto Auto Show. He created the track and environments based on satellite data from the Fuji Speed Way in Japan. Loads of fun to work on!
15 Nov

Augmented Reality Fashion Game “Creativas”

Super Polygon’s founder and CEO Stephan Tanguay had the pleasure of leading the game design, technology and project management for Play Smart Labs helping build The Creativas a fantastic augmented reality fashion game for kids a truly unique interactive experience for children that combines real world and digital play!